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Stacy and I met in 2008 when we both attended Calvary Chapel Columbus in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I remembered being at his baptism and hearing his words of confession so, when he was looking for someone to help him with a website idea, I wanted to help. Even though the idea was never brought to fruition, Stacy and I remained friends. At that time, he'd been a real estate agent for about 5 years and I was working for the State of Ohio.

In May of 2009, I had an idea for a company that I thought Stacy and I could run together. We both had a background in art; Stacy spent a year at the Columbus College of Art and Design and I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. With Stacy's love for real estate and his wealth of knowledge in the business added to my artistic sense, we started Total Realty Solutions, LLC.

In its early days, TRS was meant to be a place where people caught in the housing bubble could get help saving their home; and keep from gettin taken advantage of by scammers. Our goal was to offer free help to the public while getting our expenses met from advertisers. However, that's not how it played out. We found that more people thought getting free advice was more of a scam than paying for it. I for one couldn't believe that more people were willing to pay somebody who might be trying to scam them, than they were to listen to someone who didn't want anything from them. I just couldn't fathom it. We did get to help two families save their house from foreclosure, so it was worth the venture.

After working directly with the public failed, Stacy left TRS and helped start New Millennium Realty where he could continue learning about real estate and helping people in that capacity. I stayed with Total Realty Solutions and took it in a different direction. My thought was that by helping agents I could indirectly help the people accomplish their goals - which was what TRS was all about anyway.

Then in 2016, Stacy talked me into getting my real estate salesperson license. Now, I still maintain TRS but I'm also an agent at his brokerage, New Millennium Realty in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Stacy has worked hundreds of transactions and is a member of the $1,000,000 club. In other words, he really knows his stuff in real estate. When he came to me about the New Build Central concept, I wanted in. Finally, we've found another way to work together to help people accomplich their goals.

Our mission for New Build Central is the same as it was for TRS, to help people. Taking what we learned then and adding all the knowledge we've gained through the years, he hope to help people who need help buying and selling real estate; and not just new builds. All people, even those with bad credit, foreclosure and bankruptcy in their history, people in a life-transition, and anyone else who needs real estate help... that's what we're her for!

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