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Transitional selling refers to the situation that causes the sale of real property. These are those, “life happens” periods which include: marriage, divorce, death, upsizing, downsizing, job, foreclosure, and bankruptcy. These are generally caused by an event in your life that forces a transition of some sort. Even if you’re just looking for a change in scenery, we can help with that too. During these times when selling is either chosen or forced, we can help take the pressure off you by guiding you through the process.

The selling process can be easy if you remember one very important fact: we’re here to help you. There is no reason to go through it alone. We have the experience to handle any issue that comes up we want to help you succeed. One common mistake among home sellers is not listing to their agent. There are many factors that go into the selling processes. When people don’t listen, for any reason, there’s a chance for a negative outcome.

There are essentially three stages to every sale regardless of whether it’s a transitional sale or otherwise. The four stages are: the pre-list set up, on the market, negotiations and closing. On the market is the easiest of the four stages because all you have to do here is wait for an offer to come in. Closing is second easiest because all the hard work is done; now it’s time to end the transaction. The pre-list and negotiation stages are the hardest because this is where the money is.

There are many things a seller can do to make the property worth more on the market. All those things are done prior to listing. To be clear, a property is only worth what the market allows. It can never be worth more than the appraisal value at any given time and the appraisal value is based on that house in the current market. Over improving the property will not make it worth more than the market dictates. However, improving the property from it’s current condition to a market ready condition can increase its value to a market level price.

For example, if your current property value (not what is owed on it) is $200,000 as it sits or in “as is” condition and the property is dated, then making improvements on the house could increase its value to market value. How much of a price increase depends on many factors that can be determined on a walk-through of your property.

The negotiations stage is also important. This is where the buyer’s agent tries to get as much from you as you’re willing to give while we try to prevent you from giving it all away. It can very stressful if you aren’t used to the process or try to do it on your own. Fortunately for you, we do have experience in it and can save you a lot of turmoil.

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